Would you like to save thousands of dollars without sacrificing quality ?

The traditional route that most existing and future pharmacy owners have followed has often resulted in spending more than necessary. You now have an alternative method that will save you money and valuable time. Once the space is selected, the owner would typically contact a fixture company that offers a layout service with the aim of selling their fixtures. They may charge a fee or note on their drawing that the plan shall not be shared with others. If so, a charge may be forthcoming. Fixture Companies are usually the most practical way of acquiring fixtures along with delivery and installation. However, it may be difficult to fully understand what you are getting until after the installation is completed. We have seen quotes that simply list a lot of part numbers that are impossible to decipher. You may not know whether you paid a fair price until it’s too late.

We have developed a better method. It only makes sense that if you receive two bids for the fixtures, using identical specifications, much like obtaining bids for the construction, you will get a much lower price. We have seen quotes with identical specifications from two established companies that saved the client much more than our fee. Why pay more than necessary?. Why pay more than needed? A better option is to hire an experienced pharmacy planning consultant that has your best interest in mind from start to finish. A customized layout that coincides with your business model will be the beginning. Once the floor plan is approved, CAD construction drawings and a complete list of fixtures and casework with easy to understand specifications are provided. Would you purchase a vehicle or other large ticket item without comparing costs?  Why not do the same when purchasing pharmacy fixtures. You will feel contented that you paid a fair price and received precisely what you needed. Our fee is always lower than the savings realized by minimizing professional fees, construction as well as fixture costs. Pharmacy Planning Solutions is your best resource. We have your back as we never expect a financial reward from the decisions you make. It’s really a no brainer!!

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