If you Google pharmacy designs on line you will find a wide variety of designs.  Wood may look better initially than metal but the purpose of any display is to sell more products. There is no evidence that wood shelves will sell more products. In fact, I think otherwise based on previous studies. Aside from being more expensive, wood shelves do not have built-in price tags or label holders. If you need an additional shelf, the cost goes way up because most wood shelving is labor intensive. Modular type metal shelving cost much less, have label holders on the front edge for standard 1.25” shelf labels provided by most suppliers. Metal shelves have brackets welded to the shelf and may be slanted and have holes to accommodate wire binning where needed. I have owned a custom wood shop and a fixture company that provided both wood and metal. Another often over-looked advantage of metal shelving is when adjustments are required the task is much easier to accomplish. If you need additional shelves they will look like the existing. Neutral colored metal shelves draw no attention to the display. Laminated wood tops, gates, end panels, checkout counters and accent areas can be wood grain. Since our company sells neither we do not profit from either as we provide total transparency to existing and new pharmacy owners. More details are outlined in Chapter 28 in my Book shown on our Book References page.

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