Pharmacy Store Design Plan

  • At Pharmacy Planning Solutions, we help pharmacy owners with renovations and new store set ups. Offering highly customized planning solutions we make sure our plans are in harmony with the space available and your business model. Taking into consideration proper space utilization, versatility, workflow, traffic flow, departmentalization, security and many other factors we model the very best Pharmacy Store design for you. By obtaining a general contractors’ license in 2002, we better understand construction and estimated costs of the project more precisely.
  • Offering detailed CAD drawings, we make sure the architects and contractors will have sufficient interior specifications that can be downloaded into their Retail Pharmacy Design plans, saving money, and making sure all details are addressed. We extend our assistance to evaluate the contractors’ bid to make sure that the cost of your new Medical Shop Design remains optimized. Since no two pharmacies are just alike, we approach each based on the available space and the owner’s business model. Our creative and strategic plans will be developed to meet your budget as we utilize practical solutions that have proved to work time and time again. Our expertise in developing aesthetically new Drugstore Design plans will insure your pharmacy emits an inviting design that will impress your customers and influence them to make your pharmacy their pharmacy.
  • Utilizing the state-of-art planning technology with our step-by-step program adds more value to the Modern Pharmacy store Design with proven pharmacy layout principles. Exclusively combining precise measurements, plans, and proper utilization of space, we create a great ambiance that augments profitability and brings a better work environment that your staff will love. We make sure you get the highest return on investment in both up-fitting and fixtures/casework procurement. You will have at your disposal our forty+ years’ experience in more than 2,600 pharmacies and compounding labs.

An example of our Layout and Back-up drawings are shown below

A finalized pharmacy store design plan


Retail Pharmacy Design


Pharmacy Design


Drugstore Design


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