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Pharmacy Planning Solutions is an industry expert in designing the most inviting, efficient, and profitable pharmacies that meet the unique needs of every client. With over forty years of experience in hundreds of pharmacies and drug stores, we are dedicated to the long-term success of every client. The innovative firm offers complete pharmacy design services and consultation throughout the entire process, delivering recommendations far beyond most Pharmacy Design Companies.
Efficient and effective pharmacy layout and design can only be perfected with the guidance of a highly experienced pharmacy design consultant that has in-depth industry experience and offers personal attention to every customer’s business model. The layout presented covers a variety of objectives such as proper space utilization, work flow, security, department placement, patient services spaces, the most effective fixtures, ambiance, and many more. Pharmacy Planning Solutions plans the entire store down to every last detail. The preliminary layout is just the beginning and goes through revisions based on the client’s personal preferences.

Pharmacy Planning & Design

Pharmacy Planning Solutions is a trusted partner in pharmacy planning, construction and implementation, working closely with every client from the concept phase to construction, selection of the proper casework to completion. The company is committed to the success of every client and goes beyond basic pharmacy layout and design by offering other value-added services coupled with its extensive industry experience. The planning process includes many intricate steps as outlined. Although there are commonalities, each pharmacy has its own unique characteristics. We begin by……

  • Carefully analyzing every client’s specific business model, business plan, and personal preferences
  • Assess local market conditions and potential along with evaluating the competition
  • Complete store plans with reviews and modifications during the entire process
  • Supply construction type CAD drawings to architects, contractors and subcontractors
  • Fixture specification and sourcing information that meets the bidding requirements
  • Recommendations for flooring, lighting and décor elements
  • Assist the client with recommendations regarding exterior attributes that are inviting to customers
  • Design considerations to create a welcoming and inviting ambiance


With extensive experience in pharmacy consulting ranging from new construction of large pharmacies and compounding labs to remodeling of local drug stores, Pharmacy Planning Solutions’ in-depth understanding of effective pharmacy layout and predictable consumer behavior help us create a highly efficient and profitable business that give customers a welcoming experience

  • On-site visits are necessary for existing spaces that allows the representative to measure, collect data and view the surrounding area.
  • The exterior’s importance is often overlooked by others but ranks high with us
  • Meeting with owners and staff to thoroughly understand how to get the best results
  • Analysis of store services, merchandise mix and sales history in existing pharmacies
  • Department by department review and recommendations of space needed and the best location
  • New products, fixtures and technology are changing rapidly and we keep abreast of new trends
  • Preliminary pharmacy layout with reviews and revisions before implementation
  • Recommend successful design techniques and technologies including proper space utilization, departmentalization, work flow optimization, and more
  • In-depth understanding of customer buying behaviors and responses to best attract new customers and show ways to keep regular customers coming back
  • Communicate with the Board of Pharmacy, local and state government agencies to ensure all regulations and codes are incorporated to minimize delays and oversights.

Store Fixturing

Pharmacy Planning Solutions is an expert in identifying and selecting the most efficient store fixtures for use throughout the space. The company does not sell pharmacy fixtures or other supplies but can lead the owner to the best source. Based on the analysis of the business, the design consultant recommends the best fixtures for use in the store as well as reliable and affordable suppliers for those fixtures, providing its clients with a straight forward approach to outfitting the pharmacy and with complete transparency.

  • Recommend the most efficient and cost-effective fixtures throughout the pharmacy
  • Demonstrate how to optimize the use of every fixture in the work space and customer area
  • Identify suppliers and solicit bids that provide a turn-key package
  • Review bids and make recommendations
  • Work with general contractors to assure that the plans are followed


Pharmacy Planning Solutions’ specifies that the fixture supplier shall be intimately involved in the installation process of the fixtures, displays, and equipment for every project. The company lists both modular and custom items that every bidder must follow as outlined.

  • Installation procedures are created and available to each qualified supplier
  • Supply detailed pharmacy CAD drawings for architects and general contractors to clearly communicate the plans and minimize changes during construction and installation
  • Provide a schedule to all parties for remodels to minimize business interruption and complete the project in a timely manner without closing the business
  • Ongoing communication with all parties involved to minimize issues and maximize results

Project Management

The highly experienced firm also offers optional on-site project management services beginning with checking the building after rough-ins and through to completion of the fixture installation. With many years of successful installations, the company helps to ensure that every design, construction and installation project will run efficiently and smoothly to produce the desired results.

  • Review general contractor’s bids to ensure they are correct and complete, highlight anything unusual or unexpected
  • Create clear and precise interior detail plans, electrical, plumbing and data plans as well as a suggested lighting layout because the work areas require more lighting than the sales area
  • Work closely with architects, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to achieve optimal results
  • Effectively manage and resolve any issues or concerns during the entire process
  • Communicate with proper local, state building officials and the state’s Board of Pharmacy to ensure that the plans meet codes and regulations
  • The primary objective is to obtain the lowest cost for construction, up-fitting and the interior furnishings without sacrificing high quality standards

Pharmacy Services

Specializing in profitable and efficient pharmacy planning for over forty years, Pharmacy Planning Solutions’ consultant intimately understands what it takes to operate an efficient and profitable pharmacy that patients will return again and again. The owner has participated in pharmacy ownership that has been extremely helpful by better understanding predictable human reactions

  • Optimum pharmacy design that allows for fast prescription processing and an exceptional customer experience by providing patient services and products that help differentiate the pharmacy from the competition
  • Using the latest technologies to expedite the project from start to finish
  • Establishing efficient work flow processes throughout the pharmacy
  • Private consultation rooms for customer privacy
  • Provide planning for a compounding lab if included in the business model
  • Promote specialty departments for increased sales in health-related products

Whether a large or small, new or existing pharmacy or drug store, a compounding laboratory, or a specialty pharmacy, Pharmacy Planning Solutions is the best choice for partnering with and guiding the pharmacy owner through the long and detailed process of designing and implementing a new or remodeled store. They know how to get the highest return on the investment and their only goal is to get your pharmacy on the right track with a no-nonsense approach. Fixture companies may try to sell what is in their best interest and perhaps not best for the client.

For the best and most complete pharmacy and drug store planning services available in the U.S.A., contact Pharmacy Planning Solutions today for a no-obligation conference. The company recently added a new service whereby its’ specialist will review others’ layout and fixture proposals. The cost of $495 is credited if there are no potential adversities or excessive costs found.

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