How to Increase Efficiency and Sales by updating your Pharmacy

Where should I begin?

If your pharmacy has not been updated in the past ten years it is time to think about up-dating. Although updating should be an ongoing process, most pharmacy owners are too busy operating their stores to give much thought to improvements. The first step is to get estimated costs involved and hiring an experienced pharmacy planner. The professional can guide you through the intricate steps before making your final decision. It begins by measuring the store and listing everything within the four walls. The pharmacy owner and staff can provide many helpful ideas that can be incorporated in the new layout. Once the layout has been finalized, we suggest getting each staff member’s input so they feel like their ideas are important.

Once the layout is finalized, the pharmacy planning consultant can provide construction drawings, create a list of fixtures and casework involved so that quotes can be obtained by the general contractor and casework supplier. After the projected costs have been submitted, I suggest taking those figures to your CPA or financial advisor. That professional can compute how much increase in volume you will need to pay for the upgrades. Any financial investment should be properly evaluated. It may surprise you how little increase you will need to pay for the total renovation. Not only will you increase sales as a result but improve work flow and in many cases the overhead decreases by increased efficiency. Your staff will be just as appreciative as your customers so it becomes a win-win-win proposition while the IRS helps pay for the costs.

Once the owner gives the green light to move forward, the pharmacy planner should create a step-by-step schedule so that everyone involved will know what to do and when to do it. No one wants to close the pharmacy for more than a half day. Therefore, a no-nonsense itemized schedule helps everyone involved to commit to showing up when scheduled. Some work will be required in the evenings and weekends. It is not unusual for having increased customer traffic during the remodeling because many customers will want to see first-hand how the improvements are moving along.

The renovation, no matter how well planned, will undoubtedly have some glitches. Something unexpected usually happens but by everyone pitching in, the pain goes away quickly and the benefits will be everlasting. That’s why we say that all properly planned renovations more than pay for the costs involved. Your customers and your staff will look at the project as something that was done for them. That’s the real payoff.

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