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Everyone interested in opening a pharmacy should read this no-nonsense, straightforward easy to understand guide. It’s indispensable. The writing is very conversational in nature and the writer holds nothing back. He is a very wise man and you can tell he truly wants to help the pharmacist who wants to make a go of owning their own pharmacy. He holds his profession in the highest regard and wants nothing but the best for his Tribe. I learned so much from this book”.


by : Mary Sheehan, R.Ph. www.prescriptionforhappiness.com


Plan New Pharmacy Business

Dear Mr. Thomas,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your book “Independent Pharmacy Steps to Greater Success”. The value of your advice is priceless for a startup pharmacy. I found a location in a retail plaza. After going though chapter twenty five in your book, I started to have doubt. Looking forward to hearing back from you. I really need your help.

Best regards,
Ahmed Nofal, R.Ph.


 The following is an excerpt from The Independent Pharmacist’ April, 2016 post:

“This book is an important resource for pharmacy owners that want and need their pharmacy to thrive under current market conditions. Thomas succinctly conveys what he has learned in his 40+ years of experience in pharmacy planning into 34 short chapters that will surely help your pharmacy succeed.”

Go to www.theindependentpharmacist.net for a detailed independent review of “Independent Pharmacy Steps to Greater Success”.

new hand book

This book covers topics not previously published by others.

There will be critics as this book condemms ideas and programs that are widely promoted today. This low budget book does not address administrative issues such as permiting, compliance, pricing and many other important components that have been published by others….such as NCPA.

Pharmacy Associationssuch as NCPA and others have published much about how to “operate a pharmacy” from an administrative point of view but none have fully addressed some of the topics I discuss in this book. Since I could not locate one that did so, I felt compelled to publish one myself which comes from my forty plus years experience.
Before one considers pricing strategy, which computer system to use,complianceandother regulatory issues; add those to a long list of other important administrative decisions, none will matter unless youfully address other detrimental factors that canlead to success or failure. Here are some topics outlined in the book:
a. The importance of developing a realistic business model and business plan before moving forward
b. Location evaluation goes far beyond demographics alone
c. Why proper exterior identification along with high visibility and exposure are crucial
d. Free-standing buildings offer many advantages over strip centers and business districts
e. The pros and cons of leasing or purchasing the property
f. Understanding total costs before formalizing long-term agreements
g. Convenience factors that determine where customers are most likely to shop
h. How pharmacy size and shape can affect the bottom line
i. Proper space utilization
j. How work flow and traffic flow impact efficiency and net results
k. The difference in Layout and Design concepts and how they should work together
l. Merchandise categories that enhance professionalism and those that I feel should not be displayed
m. The importance of differentiating your pharmacy from the chains and big box stores
n. Providing compounding, MTM, patient services and other ways that draw new customers and continue to bring existing ones back
o. Design flaws that not only cost much more but cause adversity
p. How an empty appearance can give a bad impression
q. Investing in new fixtures is a much wiser investment than buying used
r. Good and bad displays, merchandising techniques that work for you and not against you
s. Selecting the best colors for the displays and the non-selling areas
t. Why angular or circular displays waste space, cost more and handicap future changes
u. Why the future for Independent Pharmacies isfavorable for those who take advantage of the increasing role that pharmacists play in our health care system

By: Roland G Thomas, Pharmacy Planning Consultant



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