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Most pharmacy design companies sell fixtures….. we are different. They often encourage you to buy pharmacy fixtures and design concepts that may be in their best interest. We do not sell tangibles or make a profit from the decisions you make. Our nominal planning fee is much less than others’ profit from the fixtures they supply.

Pharmacy Store Layout Design

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Our mission is to save the owner valuable time and costs without sacrificing quality. Planning and designing a successful pharmacy is a daunting task and do not attempt to do this alone. Our experience spans more than four decades in over 2,500 pharmacies of all types, sizes and shapes. Our step-by-step process includes all facets resulting in achieving the best outcome.

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Pharmacy Design Group
  • Our first step is to prepare a layout that coincides with your business model, budget, and the local environment. Our goal is to help differentiate your business from the competition by suggesting departments and patient services not effectively provided by others. The role of the pharmacist is increasing and we encourage taking advantage of the many new opportunities.
  • Our suggested layout is custom prepared as no two pharmacies are just alike. The floor plan includes everything inside the four walls. Proper space utilization is a high priority in applying the right amount of space for each area. The layout is tweaked until a finalized layout is approved, followed by detailed construction drawings.
  • Our detailed CAD construction drawings help avoid oversights. Change orders can result in unnecessary delays and unexpected expenses.
  • We are familiar with all major fixture manufacturers and can outline how they differ. Each pharmacy requires some custom woodwork to be provided by an experienced woodwork shop that complies with our strict specifications.
  • We are solely a pharmacy design company that enables us to cover the continental U.S. We have provided assistance to pharmacy entrepreneurs over 2,000 miles from our home base. Advanced technology aids us in accomplishing many of the intricate steps on line.
  • Your customers are your future and we understand how most people react to everything inside and outside the building. There is one best layout for each pharmacy and it is our responsibility to find it. We only want to be associated with successful pharmacies and not those that struggle to make a profit.


Please Contact Us For Pricing Based On Your Specific Requirements And A No Obligation Discussion About Your Goals!

We also post many helpful guidelines on the social networks as noted in our BLOG section.

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